Töfra Kolla Fráhálendi

I had been looking for a puppy closely related to my male Kersins Vaskúr because of his quiet,  loving and steady temperament for quite some time. And I was happy to learn that breeder and dear friend Astrid Wevers had combined her Canadian Orléansisd Skaga Leista to Fra Blönduós Fjalar Oslo, Vaskúr’s son. So on March 20th 2022 my Kolla was born together  with her 4 siblings and on June 1st 2022 Kolla joined our pack and she is all we could have wished for. Kolla is sweet and easygoing with people, children and dogs. At the same time Kolla is a very independent working dog that tends to bark if not kept in check and turns into a ’tiger’ when she spots sheep. The weekly  sheepherding lessons help getting there and are highly enjoyable!